UPDATE: Student’s Service Charge

Service charge

The University Administration has arrived at the following resolution after an extensive discussion with the Student Union Government.
• Internet fees for FIRST yearsremains N12,000.
• Internet fees for Other Years (Second year to Final Year) is N8,000.
• The laptop fee is compulsory for all FIRST YEAR students but there is an option to either pay once or in 3 instalments.
 70,000 for those who can pay once.
 For those to pay over three instalments, they will make a yearly payment of N25,000 spread over three sessions.
 The yearly laptop installment will be added to the student’s Service charge for the affected sessions.
• All Non First Year students who want to be part of the laptop program will have to make a one-time payment of 70,000. There is no installment provision for Non First Year students.

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